Still working on that list of goals

You would think that wanting so much stuff, filling a list of 101 things you want before you die should be easy. Well, it is not. After five days, I only have 66 and some of them are downright dowdy.

I do have some lofty goals and ambitions, and some silly but cool ones, but I cannot, for the life of me, think of more than 66. I could separate every country in Europe and add about seven or eight individual goals, but that would defeat the purpose of goal #40, live in Europe for a year. When I wrote that I thought about being the nomad, spending a month in each country, traveling by train.

So many things I want to do with my life, but when I am asked, so many becomes not enough. I would think that having anything you want, no limits, would be so great that I would make the list in an hour. It is, in reality, so overwhelming, after five days I am still 44 goals short. Anybody has any suggestions?

Keep trying.

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