What I want AVIDDIVA to mean for you

This is a question that is coming up a lot.  My friends and associates are wondering, what do you want AVIDDIVA to mean to everyone?

I want you to understand that I am in the process of creating a new concept.  A company that offers coaching and lifestyle changes to you as an individual.  I want you to believe that there is nothing more important than for you to take care of yourself in all aspects of your life, before you can care for anyone.  This is very important.  This is my goal.  And women usually do not do this.

We are raised to be nurturers and care takers.  We are not taught to pay attention to our own needs.  The effect is simple, we raise a new generation of women who do not take care of themselves either.  This process repeats itself generation after generation.  In the end, women take care of their spouses, parents, children, co-workers, lovers, siblings…anyone but themselves.  If you spend 23 hours caring for others, you are too exhausted to care for yourself and you  might sleep that last hour of the day, only to start all over again tomorrow.

STOP!!! Take a look at yourself.  Are you happy living this way?  Are those around you happy, truly happy?  Or are you miserable and surrounded by people who depend on you to be happy?  Is that the life you want?  If you decide that you want something better for yourself, keep an eye on what we are creating.  You are going to love AVIDDIVA.


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