My latest goal is simplicity.  Simplicity of words, simplicity of thought, simplicity of action and of style.  What does simplicity have to do with motivation?

You can look at it in two different ways.  Either you are motivated by the hope of achieving simplicity, or, if you achieve simplicity first, then you can acquire your goals.  I give you one example:  having stuff.  If you own a lot of stuff, you can give it away, you can sell it or you can store it.  If you keep it, you will not achieve simplicity, you will have disorder and chaos because you do not have unlimited space to keep everything you buy in a lifetime.  However, if you choose to let some of those things go, you are sending a message to God, the Universe, the Source (or whatever you call  it) that you have plenty of space for the new (or next) thing or phase in your life.  In this instance, decluttering your life by simplifying your belongings will help you (motivate you) to achieve your goals.  Following the same example, if you own a lot of things, and you now wish to simplify things, by selling, giving away or throwing away the excess, you achieve simplicity.  In this case, you were motivated by your goal of simplicity.

Either way, if your goal is to simplify, start small if you are a pack rat.  Just throw away one thing a day.  You will feel very empowered and the next day you might get rid of two things.  Before you know it, you will own less things and more knowledge, motivation and will accomplish more.


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