How old is too old?

Yesterday, as I watched my daughter getting ready for her Graduation party, I remembered my own.  Wow, how young we were then.  how silly and care free.  It was 24 years ago and for a second, I felt old.  Now let me be clear, it was only for a second.

It got me to thinking, how old is old?  Why do some people think that once you are middle aged, you start to deteriorate.  Who decided that once you see the big 4 – 0 , everything goes down hill?

I refuse to believe this to be true.  I remember, when I was about to turn 40.  Everyone I knew, who was older than me, kept telling me how they got really sick, their pains got worse, etc.  I decided then and then, that 40 was just another number and my health would still be great no matter what number or age I had in my driver’s licence.  Guess what?  I am fine.  The only thing that is not 100% well is my eyesight.  But that is why God and humans invented glasses.

I have the privilege of living in the 21st Century.  They say that it might be possible for MANY of us to live to be healthy into our hundreds.  I want to get there, with my family and my friends.  Is that too old?  I hope not.


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