Those damn squats

It is quite possibly, the worst part of my day.  It is also, the most rewarding.  It is my butt workout.

Why is it the worst part of my day?  I hate squats and lunges.  I have avoided them for years.  Now, I have a personal trainer, who is teaching me proper form.  He also knows I want to resize my derriere.  He works me like a madman, and my butt is showing some promisse.  Do I like squats?  No, I still hate them.  But I cannot argue with results.  The way pants are recontouring my behind are very well worth the pain and aggravation.

I am working out a few times a week.  I will now add Pilates to the mix.  And yoga is not far behind.  I want to be healthy, this is not about weight.  If I happen to shed some pounds in the process, that is a BONUS.  For now, I need to move my buttocks from this chair.  This is hurting.

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