No stove, no problem

Interesting situation last week, my gas stove died on me.  It would take one week to get it going again.  What to do?  Frozen meals, unless your own, are not an option.  All that sodium and hidden fats are not good for me. Going out to dinner, lunch and even breakfast can ruin your budget.  You only have a small toaster oven and a microwave.  Any healthy choices?

I’m not a vegetarian, I do like to eat.  I don’t mind eating raw veggies or fruits.  Salads turned out to be a great option as well.  You can have real bread with some lettuce, onions and even lean ham.  There are breakfast items that do not need reheating.

As a last resort, you can cook somewhere else and freeze for the future.  The important thing is not to hit tha panic button and go for the convenience of the unhealthy food.  Keep your cool and make the best decisions possible.  Your stomach will thank you later.


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