How are you doing? How do you cope?

Ever had one of those days where things just don’t seem to be going the way you planned?  You somehow manage to get out of bed and do most of the items on your to do list.  Still, in order to get them done you had to spend more time than necessary because your internet connection died, wordpress erased your original post, you accidentally erased your resume….you woke up with some strange ailment that kept you in the bathroom for most of the day… The important thing is to keep going, right?

No, said my friend.  Her suggestion was for me to turn the computer off, get a good book and leave all the negative energy away.  After I write this post, I am taking a break.  I need to unwind, maybe get some rest.  Tomorrow is a new day full of promisse.  And so I ask you:  how have you been?  And when a day like this happens to you, how do you cope?


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