Lifestyle Friday

On a beautiful, sunny Friday, I want to talk to you about one of the most important things you can do to enhance your life style:  R – E – L – A – X!!!! 

A lot has been written about the effects of stress on the body, the skin and the mind, everything from heart conditions to Alzheimer and cancer.  If stress has such effects on the body, the cure is simple, relaxation is key.

Easier said than done, you say?  Yes, I said it was simple, not easy.  There are ways that you can add some relaxation in to your life, or CHILLAX, like it is called in my house.  You can start the day with yoga or pilates, drive with soothing music in your car, read good books, meditate, dance…there are some of you that like the punching bag method, it does not matter how you de-stress, the important thing is that you do.

However, don’t stress over the method either.  If finding a way of relaxing is stressful to you, then we did not accomplish anything.  Sit down, take a few deep breaths with your eyes closed, think a happy thought and then move on to the next thing.  A few of those a day is better than not doing anything to de-stress.  Remember, at the end, you have to enjoy your life, in your terms.  Find what works for you and use it to the max.  Chillax!!!


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