Healthy exercise or evil torture?

Why do you exercise?  Do you want to “loose” weight?  Do you want to be healthy?  Does it matter?  Do you care?

I have two secrets for you.  The first one is that the more you care about keeping your body healthy, the less time you are going to spend at the doctor’s office.  I don’t have to tell you that this would mean exercising carefully as to avoid injury.

Secret number 2:  What you are thinking about while you are exercising will have an impact on the effectiveness of your routine…even on whether or not you will finish said routine.  What do I mean by that?  Test this out, I have.  Let’s say that you are sitting on the stationary bike, pedaling away.  Your mind will naturally move to the rest of your day, specially if you are a busy individual.  That will make you quit sooner and it will probably make the workout seem interminable.  If, however, you play some music and start thinking about how your body is responding to the workout, you will pay more attention, avoid injury (because you are listening to your body) and get a better workout. If you are an imaginative person, you can even imagine yourself running next to Armstrong in a race and try to beat an imaginary friend, your own time, your own pace, etc.  Make it fun for you, but concentrate on the exercise.

I have a trainer, and every time I am doing a set, I try this theory.  I will do one set talking or thinking about something else and I will wear out.  The second set, I imagine I have a mirror in front of me and I pump like I am in some sort of exhibition or doing an exercise video (secret fantasy of mine).  That second set is usually perfect.  What you think, when you do your exercises, is really important.

Now you know I don’t believe in “loosing” weight.  Whatever you loose, you will naturally try to find.  I do believe in shedding pounds.  More importantly, I believe in being healthy.  My suggestion to you is to change your mind set.  If you dread the exercise, you feel like you are being tortured, get out of your own head, find a way of making it fun and stick to it.  The effects are worth the workout and your health is worth more than anything.

I leave you with a picture of me and my trainer, before I knew what a kick butt workout he would deliver.  Thanks Reinaldo.

Does not look intimidating, does he?

Does not look intimidating, does he?


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