Every little victory….

The last couple of weeks have been busy yet uneventful.  You get caught up in the to-do-list and your daily activities and sometimes you forget there is a goal you set and that is why you are doing your to-do items.

Well, today one of those daily activities done over time paid off, I just received notification that pending my vet’s letter stating my dog is done growing (he looks young but he is over three years old – over 40 human months old), I have an apartment.  All I need now is the confirmation from the electric company and to sign the contract when I get there.

Just when the day had started with some interesting challenges, I get the news that I have been waiting for.  It is a small victory, but enough of a victory to spur me into even more small actions that will produce explosive results.  Remember, if you improve 1% a week, how much improvement can you have in a year?  52%?  More?  It is always up to you.

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