Your health is not a matter of fashion

On Tuesdays, I usually talk about health and on Wednesdays, about fashion.  At least, that is the schedule that I created.  Yesterday was such a long day, that I did not have a chance to post anything.  It so happens that on Monday I read about a person that was speaking on the issue of following the diet that is in fashion.  That gave me the idea for this message.

How seriously do you take your health?  If you, like millions of people, follow the diet that is in style right now, then I guess the answer is not much.  Let’s face it, half of the experts direct you towards one diet or another and the other half say that the diet industry makes millions by keeping you fat.  Oddly enough, that last half is also making millions and I don’t really know if they keep their followers slim and healthy.

You might be wondering what do I suggest?  Who are we supposed to believe?  You know the answer deep in your gut.  You have to believe in yourself.  Take this challenge like any other.  One thing that many experts NOW have in common, is the statement that your weight issue should be handled as a health issue and not as a vanity issue.  That is a great start.  Your health is the most important thing.  If you happen to shed some weight in the process, that is great but it is not the main goal.

Drink plenty of water.  In a recent post I commented on this, so I will not talk about it again.  As far as food, I have always said that I would rather pay a little extra for the best and freshest food sources (think Farmer’s Market and Organic) than give the doctor that money later.  Reduce sugar as much as you can.  Exercise half an hour every day.  Do some form of weight bearing exercise at least twice a week.  If you don’t have weights at home, start with two cans of beans, or anything you may have in the house, like books or something.  In the case of leg exercises, go for perfect form without weights for now.  Trust me, the first time you do three sets of 15 squats with good form, you are going to feel it for the rest of the week.

The important thing is to keep your body fed well and in movement.  Whatever your interest may be, walking, dancing, running, do it.  Maybe if you actually like cooking, you can now use it as an excuse to take a class.  The funny thing is that all of this will keep your brain healthy too.

Do what you feel works for you consistently and your health will thank you.  And maybe you will start your own fashion trend:  following your own rules.

It is a joke on rock climbing, but to get here, we walked a mile.

It is a joke on rock climbing, but to get here, we walked a mile.


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