This week on life in the fast lane

The title is our little joke.  It is the fast lane when you realize in 6 days you are getting on a plane to go to Florida and move all your things.  Not much is packed and I am slowly going through the process of figuring out that I have no clothes I want to wear there.

I am trying not to panic as I start selling my furniture and other goodies to make up the money to get out of town.  I am trying not to cry as I see my friends trying to make me cry or say goodbye.  It is not good bye since I plan to come back in December.  Puertorricans, we are all just a little melodramatic.

This week I will probably not post much unless I get some incredible inspiration.  I will probably not have the computer on too much because I will be cleaning house and packing.  I will, however have the time to meditate, put myself first and get through this with a minimum of stress.  God is on my side and I will be ok.


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