Motivation Monday – Power

Power, do you want it?  Do you have it?  Do you care?  Does it matter?

I recently read in  the latest issue of O magazine several articles about power.  I agree with the idea that power and money are not mutually exclusive.  I also agree with the idea that who you are and what you do are two separate ideas and so you have to be careful which one you associate with your power.

I am currently working on an e-book that talks a lot about how people loose their identity when they loose their jobs.  I firmly believe that when you associate your power solely to what you do you loose your stability if your job is in jeopardy.  Your power should not come from what you do.  It should come from WHO YOU ARE!!! 

Status and power are two different things that I believe get confused.  Your power comes from who you are, your status from what you do.  Too many of us give too much importance to our status and end up relinquishing our power to other people or other things. 

I remember when the recession started, a lot of experts were concerned with the impact job losses would have on people.  It was their prediction that suicide rates would rise.  “People would feel like they are nothing without their jobs”.  That statement comes from the idea that we are what we do.  I do not know if suicide statistics have risen due to layoffs and foreclosures.  What I can tell you is that what you own is temporary.  You can’t take it with you when you die.  I can tell you that fortunes can be made, lost and made again (think Donald Trump).  I can tell you that status is not a measure of power, and more importantly, I want you to know that true power comes from being WHO you are, being happy with that person in the mirror and knowing that you will be fine as long as you value yourself and not what you have.  You have the power to live a great life.  Choose.


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