Healthy Tuesday – How much do you exercise?

Do you exercise?  What is your excuse?

For the last three weeks I have been very busy.  As a consequence, my real workouts have suffered.  I know that when I do my squats again today, my legs are going to hate me.  That does not mean that I did NO exercise.

Instead of driving to the store, I walked.  I held my stomach in, I dance while I cooked or cleaned.  I keep my body in motion.  Why?  Because this is the only body I have and I want it to last for a really long time.

So, the next time you feel too old, too tired, too busy or whatever your excuse is, start moving.  If you don’t have tennis shoes, get some.  All you need is a really good pair of walking shoes and a good attitude.  And the next time some fool tells you that you can’t loose weight just by walking, remind him that is not about weight.  It is about the quality of your life.  You can also remind him that you don’t want to loose anything since it is human nature to find what we lost.  If you happen to shed some pounds, that is a bonus, and our little secret.


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