I’ve been looking at magazines this week and one of the trends for fall is the color purple.  Purple is the color of royalty and every DIVA should have something purple in her closet. 

I have this purple maxi dress that I absolutely love.  It makes me feel sexy.  It reminds me of the party where I first wore it last Christmas.  It made me feel…well…regal. 

If you like purple, get ready.  That is the color of the season.  One look at any magazine stand and you will notice it on every shade and degree possible.  If you don’t like purple, I have a consolation prize for you.  You can wear whatever you like in whatever color you prefer.  It has to follow three simple rules:

1)  It must make you look wonderful

2)  It must fit perfectly

3)  It must be in good shape – no snags, wrinkles or tears.

No baggy, over sized clothes for the AvidDiva.  Dress to impress YOU and no one else.  Dress with style.  You might be thinking that fashion is frivolous.  Keep in mind that when you feel good on the inside, it shows on the outside.  When you feel bad on the inside, you need a pick me up.  The right fashion can turn a dreary day into a fantastic one because it automatically changes YOUR perception.  The energy that you exude will carry on to all around you.  You are a DIVA.  Flaunt it.


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