The word of the week – Dreams

For the next 10 weeks there will be a running theme in this blog.  The word of this week is dreams.

What is your biggest dream?  Does it make you smile when you think about it?  Do you have a vision board?  Are your dreams and your goals aligned?

A dream is something you want.  A goal is something you are working towards accomplishing.  If you really want to achieve your dreams, your goals have to get your closer to your dreams. 

Every day, you should take a step towards achieving your goals.  If you are going to work so hard to achieve something, you might as well work towards something you really want.  This is why your goals and your dreams should be related.

My biggest dream is to go back to Italy, this time, for two years.  I want to live in Italy and learn the language by experiencing the culture.  In order to accomplish that, I need to work hard and save lots of money because I want to learn, and not necessarily work, while I am there.  And that is what all my goals focus towards.  You can do this too.

So go ahead.  Dream big.  Make your vision board and fill it up with pictures of your dreams.  Add a picture of yourself enjoying those dreams.  Work hard to achieve those goals that will take you closer to your dreams.  And then tell me all about it.


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