Comfort Food

In the world of my DREAMS, I can have all the chocolate I want.  Since I live in reality, I take care of myself.  I can have anything I want.  Some things, like chocolate, I can eat in moderation.

What is your favorite food?  Which is your comfort food of choice?  Are they both the same thing?  When you are having a bad day and feel like crawling under a rock, what is the one food that calls you?  I have this thing for macaroni and cheese (not from a box and with four or five cheeses) and I have a great recipe for it, which is not the best recipe in the world if you want to eat healthy.  After chocolate, anything with pasta in it is a close second in my comfort zone.

This year I am making it my mission to make my favorite recipes nutritious without loosing the flavor, specially the macaroni and cheese.  Do you know any healthy versions of your favorite comfort foods?  Maybe you have one for mac and cheese?  Do you want to share them with us?


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