Can following your DREAMS wreck your lifestyle?

When they fill your life with clutter, both mental and physical.

Some times we spread ourselves to thin.  We have family, work, friends, and our own self fulfilment to work on.  As we created DREAMS in each area, we start projects and as life goes on, we can loose focus and leave projects halfway done. 

For some of us, as women, we have obvious, physical evidence : a room we started decorating but never finished, a sewing project half done, a party planned but never given, and clutter all over the house from laundry day, recipes to try, etc.  There is, however, clutter that is not so easy to notice.  The mental clutter that you create as you keep track of all the projects you started. 

Today, sit down in a quiet place, even if it means locking yourself up in the bathroom.  We are going to clean house…mentally.  Take your notebook and write down every single project you are working on or any thought cluttering your mind.  Once your brain is throbbing and nothing comes to mind, make a commitment with yourself that you are not going to get involved in anything else until you finish working the projects on your list… I’ll wait.  Go ahead, make this promise to yourself.

Ok, now, the next step is to actually read over your list and figure out what you want to tackle, what you can delegate, and what you no longer want to do or have.  And then, DO IT.  You have a week to do everything or handle everything on your list. 

If you are human, in your first attempt, you did not include everything in your mental list.  That is fine because by next Friday you will have this list done and you can clear your brain again. 

Once you clean most of the stuff in your brain, don’t let it ever overwhelm you again.  Schedule your project, give it a completion date.  If you have not finished by that date, you do one of three things:  delegate, eliminate or get to work.  Good luck.

Oh, and for a little inspiration:  PRESS HERE


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