Are you HONEST with your fashion choices?

The subject of HONESTY has kept me wondering how to match fashion with HONESTY and then I remembered the discussion a few months ago, if women of a certain age should wear certain clothes.  The debate started when actress Helen Mirren was photographed in a red bikini.  She is 60 and I have to be HONEST:  if I look that good at 60 I am wearing a bikini.

So now the question becomes:  what is the magic formula to determine fashion for us DIVAS?  To me, it is not about age but about how you look in it.  If you are in good shape and your skirt is not all the way down to your knee, go ahead, if you are comfortable with the look.  If you are in great shape and you like bikinis, do it.  At the end of the day, whatever you feel comfortable wearing is ok by me.

I have seen women of a certain size rocking short skirts and they look great.  We are not talking micro minis here, I am talking about couple of inches above the knee.  I am also talking about women who have great self confidence and high self esteem and walk it like they own it.

My advice for today is simple:  make an HONEST assessment of what you look like, how you feel about yourself and what you want to wear.  If you feel good, you will show it and everyone will feel it when you walk by.  And keep in mind, if someone is talking behind your back about your fashion choice, it is their problem and not yours.  Be a DIVA, and wear fashion to your advantage.


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