LOVE that look

How many times have you said “LOVE that look but I can’t afford it”.  First of all, take the negative thought out of your head.  If you LOVE a certain look, there are many ways to adapt it.  All you need is a little creativity.

So many times we see a picture on a magazine and we LOVE the “look”.  It is not necessarily one thing or accessory, it is the “look”.  Well then, the look is about putting things together in a way that feels good and makes you look even better.

Take that picture (or rip the page off the magazine) and figure out what you about it.  Is it the length, the color combination, the style?  Once you figure out what you like so much, go to your closet.  Is there anything in there that can help you achieve that look?  We sometimes forget that we have elements we might own and run to the stores, only to come home and figure out we already have several pieces.

If you can do it all from your closet, great.  If you need one or two pieces and you have the rest at home, you will have more money for those pieces.  Even if you own nothing that will help with that look, you do not have to shop for a particular brand or from a particular store.  If your budget allowed, this whole conversation would be pointless.  Since budget is a consideration, have you searched the internet?  Maybe even garage sales or tag sales?  You would be amazed at the things you can find.  Be sure to stick to your plan and to inspect the items you buy carefully.  Don’t go crazy and buy more items than you really need because they only cost you $3 each.

Another option is to go to that great department store and check their discount section.  Some times, pieces get ripped (and can be repaired easily or the zipper is broken, another easy fix) and they automatically set it up in the discount section.  In the end, you don’t have to buy the exact piece, you want to adapt the look to you and to your budget.

Whatever you decide to do, do not limit yourself by saying “I can’t afford it”.  If you want to look good, there is always a way.  And don’t forget, when you look good on the outside you are displaying how good you feel on the inside and that says it all.  LOVE your look, LOVE how you feel.


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