Food is not LOVE

Food is nourishment, not LOVE.  How many times do you eat when you feel unloved?  How many big meals are planned around family gatherings?

We tend to equate food with LOVE on happy and sad occasions.  Now I am not saying not to invite friends and family over to celebrate or have a meal.  What I am saying is that if you really LOVE them, there are plenty of healthy options that will taste good, make them happy and keep all of you healthy.  That is a better testament to the LOVE you feel for them, and for yourself.

And if you are sitting home alone and you decide to “clean” the fridge by eating everything in site, make sure that your choices when you shop are healthy, which will make your food LOVE fest healthier than the chocolate cake binging or strawberry short cake devouring  that you are thinking on swallowing whole.  LOVE yourself, not your food.


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