What is LOVE

LOVE is a four letter word. LOVE is the one thing that moves us to do extraordinary things.  Some times, we call things LOVE that are not. If you are obsessed with  a person and you can’t live without them, that is not LOVE.  If you crave something so bad, you cannot function properly, that is not LOVE

You can LOVE life and everything Nature gives us.  You can LOVE a person only if you LOVE them as they are, even their flaws.  If you LOVE someone “BUT”, then you don’t LOVE them.

The same applies to things.  You cannot LOVE a table, a meal or a dress.  You have to be concious of the words you use and the power words have.  You can like things, but LOVE is something else. 

And so we come full circle and I ask you, do you LOVE yourself?  Do you like who you are, no matter what  Do you care, respect and enjoy your own company?  If you do, then be happy and enjoy all the LOVE in life.  If you are not answering yes to all these questions, this is the day to start.  Today you will forgive yourself, accept who you a and begin to spend more time by yourself, with yourself, loving yourself.  The rest will come in time.


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