Fear, Indecision, Don't Care?

Sometimes, we are afraid of failure.  Other times we are afraid of success.  Many times we are just afraid of making the commitment that comes from making a decision.

If you decide to do something, now you have to get to it.  If you leave it for later, you don’t have to commit to doing it or not doing it.

Let’s test the theory.  Make a list of things you want to accomplish this week.  Every day, as you cross out the things you get done, make a mental note of what you did not finish at the end of the week.  When the week is over, sit down in a quiet place and think about those things you did not accomplish. 

Some of these things you really don’t want to do, or you don’t care.  It might be that these items have nothing to do with your goals.  Now look at the things that you believe you really want to do.  Be brutally honest with yourself.  What are you afraid of? Failure?  Success?  Making a decision?  Commitment? 

Now we are getting somewhere. Next time, I will tell you what to do with this analysis.


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