Commit to quit!

Last Monday we talked about the fears associated with procrastination.  The last fear mentioned was the fear of commitment. Today we go a little deeper.

For all of us procrastinators, there is a possibility we are afraid of commitment.  Why?  Because once you make a commitment (even if it is only in your head) to do something, you either do it or you feel like a failure.

The experts think that procrastinators feel safer if we do not commit.  But guess what?  If you never do anything, you are not going to progress.  In a sense, you are failing anyway.  And as we discussed in earlier posts, what is the big deal about failing?  Failing is how we learn. 

I ask you, if this is your reason behind procrastinating, commit to quit procrastinating and try something.   Feel the fear and do it anyway and then, tell me all about it.


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