Tuesday update: sometimes less is more

I purchased the cheapest printer I could find (it scans and copies to, for $65 I can’t complain).  I filled out a loan application, I advertised several pieces of furniture for sale, I deposited money in the bank. I know the mark is $225 to register the business and have all the required tax receipts ready.  I have to wait until the money is available, hopefully by next Monday.

Today, I have spent most of my day writing.  It serves two purposes:  it takes my thoughts out of my head and it keeps me from going insane for not being able to register the business. 

I have writen some interesting passages for the rest of the week, which I hope will generate some conversation.  In the meantime, I keep reading, and writing and staying away from frustration.  I am on the last week before I can officially say that my dream is becoming real.  I will not give up when I am so close to the first fruits of my labor. 

This week has been full of surprises and lessons.  The most important lesson I learned this week is that nothing is stopping me.  I am fully committed to making this happen.  The journey continues.


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