New Year, New Strategy

I start the year writing a list of six goals for the day.
1) Drink plenty of water
2) Exercise for one hour
3) Read for at least one hour
4) Write for at least one hour
5) Clean the living room lamp table
6) Create the script for the video series.

The first thing that I want you to notice is the language in each goal. They are all positive action items. For example: the first one is an attempt at eliminating soda out of my diet. I could have written “No sodas today”. There are two things wrong with that sentence. It is not an action. It is a negative sentence. The effects of your words in your actions is powerful. I decided to take all the power out of the negative affiliation I have with soda and use the positive aspect of adding more water to my diet. I have no intention on changing any other aspect of my diet at this time. I believe in taking small steps to ensure big results.

The second thing I want you to notice is the general attitude of the statements. There is no sense of punishment or penalty. There are no ill consequences for me. Why? Think again about the first goal. These goals are going to be repeated every day for 30 days, in effect becoming habits. If I would have said “No soda today” and for some reason, had a soda with one of my meals, I might sabotage my efforts. The psychological effect of failing would have probably made me think about abandoning this goal altogether. How many times have you thought of eating healthier and at the first slice of cake, gone back to your usual routine. I have done it many times. I decided to work the statements in a way that would empower me instead of hinder me.

The last thing I want you to notice is where I wrote them. I set them on my Facebook Fan Page and I wrote them down here. The reason for that is accountability. If you know about it and I don’t keep it up, you can call me on it. It is using peer pressure to my advantage. You can do the same thing. Another thing I am doing? Keeping my food and exercise journal online by posting it on Twitter.

I hope this strategy gives you ideas on how you can tackle your own challenges. Let me know how it goes. Become an AvidDiva.


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