Food journal ~ Day 2

Wow! Today was my first real challenge, pizza without soda. This was the time to test my need to drink only water (or water like products).

First off: I went to bed a little after midnight and so I woke up at 9 AM. At 10 AM I had 3 ozs of Heartland Cereal (dry – no milk) and at about 11:30 AM I had an ounce of dark chocolate.
Later on I went for a sight seeing walk – a little over two miles. Great walk, very refreshing.

At 3:30 PM I ordered a pizza from dominoes with extra cheese, onions and bacon. It came on garlic crust (not what we ordered, very tasty). I ate the pizza with Perrier water. I double checked that carbonated water did not have any extra ingredients.

At some point after that I had three chocolate turtles: those are made with caramel and peanuts. Excellent.

It is 7:30 PM and I just took some Alka Seltzer for cold and flu because I needed something to take the sinus pressure away (I usually don’t keep medication in the house, which is why when I need meds I take the one that most closely handles the symptoms). Maybe this would be a good time to say that I do not have a car yet and the closest store is four miles away, which is a $12 cab ride or a $2 bus ticket (one way) assuming that it is early enough during the day. Yes, that limits the choices I have of food and medications. We are hopeful that this month we will either have a scooter or a car to get around (that will depend on job prospects). I had a massive sinus headache and the medication got rid of it, which made me hungry. So I ate a serving of Frosted Flakes. No milk.

Sometime, at about 9:30 PM, I had the leftover bow tie pasta and meat with some mozzarella and Parmesan cheese. It was tasty.

I have noticed that when I am short on options (close to shopping day) I eat a lot of carbohydrates. I want to see if this continues over the coming days.

This is a test of my ability to keep a food journal for 30 days. This is the second day and all the entries are extracted from my twitter account at:

Right now it is 11:19PM and I am guilty of having another ounce of dark chocolate.
I am in good spirits and looking forward to a great year.


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