Food journal – Day 3

Before I post my daily journal, there is something I should mention. One of the six goals for the month is to exercise one hour a day. Today, I exercised for 25 minutes. Surprise. I did not berate myself for failing. I gave myself a break and listened to my body. I avoided injury. I did not give up. The important thing when you set a goal is to go for it, not the destination, the journey.

My daily journal today went something like this.
9:30 AM Sleepy mood, ate 3 ounces of Heartland cereal dry. Drank water after.
1:30 PM After a short walk (where I experienced pain on my leg) I had a bowl of white cheddar popcorn. Drank more water.
2:30 PM Felt guilty about the popcorn and ate some nachos with humus. Humus is one of those healthy spreads that I love to eat with pretty much anything.
About 10 minutes later I had a Hershey chocolate almond bar.
3:30 PM Ate a banana. I am not sure if I am anxious, hungry or bored.
7:15 PM Salmon with couscous, excellent choice. Feel it was a healthy meal. My desert was one ounce of dark chocolate.
It is now 12:45 PM and I did not add any more food to my consumption. See you tomorrow.


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