Food journal ~ Day 4

Wow, today was not a good day at all. I was so busy I did not exercise (it was too cold to walk and I only walked to the bus station, etc, probably did not walk more than 7 minutes at a time, four times, that is 28, which did not account to much. Real exercise, no. Using daily tasks to walk some, yes.

The food journal was even worse. I woke up at 9, did not have anything to eat until 11. Here it goes
11:30 AM 2 ounces of Heartland cereal, ran out. Drank water.
2:40 PM had a massive drop in sugar levels. When that happens, my favorite life saver is a slice of bread with peanut butter. Since we no longer buy white bread, we are trying different varieties of brown bread and this one was spectacular in flavor (Nature’s Pride Whole Grain).
2:50 PM ate 6 fish sticks baked in an oven instead of deep fried. Had them with some mayo-ketchup (for those not familiar with this, it is equal parts mayo and ketchup and a little bit of garlic for flavor. Had more water.
6:00 PM I went to take a test for a job opportunity and they gave us a dinner break. We did not know that was going to happen and without a car, I found out why I should always have a snack handy. This is specially funny because I just got pecans and fruits from the grocery store, which I should have packed and taken with me. Lesson learned. I had a variety of ill choices from the vending machine. I picked the bag of white cheddar popcorn because in a recent tv show I found out it was the lesser evil. Had half the bag and my hubby had the other half. Down it with two fast swigs of Coca Cola, which, if you come from Puerto Rico, and you are used to CC in PR, you don’t drink it in the states, too sweet, and not enough sizzle. Plus, I want to keep drinking other things.
9:20 PM Ironic that today I decided to go for the regular spaghetti box instead of the brown ones I usually buy. Today,we ate late, after coming home from the job interview. I had a big serving with about four ounces of Shrimp in vodka sauce. The sauce was Berttolli (sorry, I am a big fan). I need to learn to make my own pasta sauce. The dinner was great and it was a fitting end to a strange day. The reason why I am not feeling very guilty is because it is close to midnight and I am not sleepy yet. This means that it will be over 3 hours before I go to sleep and I will be a little less full.
I have taken my 60% Cocoa dark chocolate with caramel and I am pretty sure I will eat the whole thing before I go to bed. I am bad some times. I do need to find healthy substitutes for my sweet tooth. I did purchase some fruits and I will see how it goes tomorrow.


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