Food journal ~ Day 5 was Tuesday

Since I promised to keep this up, no matter what, I will.

In the exercise front, I had this interesting situation with my right leg. A muscle got upset at me and pain was unbearable. After 3 massages, and a lot of screaming, on Tuesday I was able to walk in 35 degree weather for half an hour. I am very proud of myself for being able to brave the elements.

And now to the food entries, and remember, the first week I am eating what I usually eat in order to figure out what I am really doing wrong. I can tell you that chocolate is my downfall. There are other mistakes on my food choices.
9:30 AM I ate 2.1 ounces of Frosted Flakes dry. I don’t drink milk which makes having milk on cold cereal impossible.
12:30 PM Spaghetti and fresh shrimp on vodka sauce, excellent meal. 2 squares of 60% dark chocolate with caramel
6:00 PM Pulled pork on Jack Daniels sauce and jazmin rice. 2 squares of the dark chocolate with caramel
10:30 PM 10 Fish Sticks with mayo ketchup sauce.
Drank water all day long. Wow, I did not have any fruits or veggies today. This is really bad.
Highlight: I just joined the Biggest Looser Challenge where for every pound you loose, they donate a pound for the needy. You can get more info here


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