Food journal ~ Day 6

Wow, shocking. I am still doing this.

My mood today – testy. My hubby is going back to PR tomorrow. We watched him pack and we kept the mood light. It is still painful. He is the one with the full time job and there are some loose ends to tie up over there.
I am also cold. I did not realize that Florida got this cold. I figured cold would maybe be 40, not 20. It has been an interesting adjustment.
Now for the actual meals.

10:15 AM 2 ounces of Cracklin Oatbran dry, plenty of water after.
12:15 PM Handful of bow tie pasta and meat sauce, more water after.
3:00 PM Two slices of Angelo’s pizza – extra cheese, onions and bacon. Snapple lemon tea.
5:30 PM Four ounces of Activia strawberry yogurt.
10:15 PM It makes no sense, but I found some old Cookies and Cream BR Ice cream and I had about three spoonfulls.
11:15 PM Less than an ounce of dark chocolate. I am still drinking water as I write this.


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