Can you keep a food journal?

Two weeks ago, I started a challenge by tweeting my food journal. Somebody mentioned they had seen a news report about people becoming healthy again after keeping food journals. I have never been good at it, so I decided to go through the public scrutiny. Here is what I learned.

Out of the 12 days I did it, I actually posted 9 on twitter and six on my blog. I give myself credit for using the baseline weeks to keep track. I feel like is a little obsessive to spend that much time on what I ate. It takes all the fun out of the experience of eating. I came to understand that the reason why I have never been able to keep it up is because I just don’t want to spend that much time on what I ate, how I felt, etc.

Those days that I did keep up with it, I found out that my real problem is not the chocolate, it is the carbohydrates. I have to make adjustments in my daily nutrition in only to have better choices like fruits, veggies, brown bread. I also noticed an abundance of white stuff when money is a consideration: white rice, white pasta, white bread.

The most important lesson that I got out of this experience is that you should always do what works for YOU. Food journals do not work for me. Moving, works for me better than anything. The words I choose work on me. That is why on my daily goals I list “Drink plenty of water”. This statement is an action statement. It is not about the negative aspect of my decisions on what to drink. It is about choosing the good ones. In the two weeks I have been doing this, I have had one soda. Normally I would have one a day. That is progress. The second goal that I set for myself is “Move one hour every day”. Out of the 11 days of the month of January, I have done that for eight. Most days, it has been walking. I have done some other exercises, and more importantly, I am going to the gym. Interestingly enough, I have not let the cold weather affect my walking schedule. I am taking things slow and using baby steps. That works for me. For some of you, giant leaps might be more your style. That is OK too.

The important thing is that you do something. I am curious though, can you keep a food journal? Let me know. I can’t wait to see what you think.


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