Lessons in life come in a lot of different packages

Well, today was my first day working in sales again. This time, I had to walk the streets looking for business cards and exchanging information. I discovered a couple of things about myself and I would like to share them with you. Maybe you can interpret my experience in a way that applies to you.

Lesson #1: I am not as big a coward as I thought I was. Let’s face it. I am not a spring chicken, I am over 40. I am overweight and I did not feel pretty this morning. Actually, thanks to Nature, I was throwing up like an 18 year old at her first college keg party. I still went out, like I said I was going to, I walked an area of town and exchange information about my company for business cards. I was polite, I was smiling, and I did not die when a couple of people said no. I am not shy on certain situations, but outside sales is not my strong suit. I am more of an inside sales person. Today I found out there is no wrong or right and I like talking to people in ANY situation. Now, going back to the people that said NO, I bring you lesson # 2.

Lesson #2: In sales, and at the end of the day we are all in sales, a NO is not going to kill you. The first person that said no to me today, was rude about iy and I thought it was going to hurt. There is something that Rolo said yesterday that worked very well: “Remember, a No is not a rejection to you personally, it is a rejection to the idea, product or service that you are proposing”. In the end, it does not matter if these few people were saying no to me, or to the product, it did not sting as much as I thought and I kept doing what I was supposed to do. Eventually, I had to go home early, which brings me to lesson 3.

Lesson #3: Always listen to your body. In the morning, I was feeling nauseous. I thought it had to do with my nerves or feeling alone out there at work. I had lunch and I started handling my assigned task and although the experience got easier, the nausea got worse. I plodded along and then, after visiting about 16 businesses, I had to go home. I got lucky, as soon as I walked to my apartment, I kissed the porcelain goddess more than once.

In conclusion, the lessons here are simple. Life comes in a lot of different packages. One day you will get to do something you might have never done before and found out that your fear was unfounded. Some day you will hear the word NO and figure out that it only has the power you give it. And please listen to your body, there is a big difference between butterflies in your stomach and full blown nausea. Figure out the difference before you walk out the door. Above all, enjoy the journey.


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