Two unrelated events

Francisco Rosa and Alexander McQueen, two men that had nothing in common. Francisco was a personal trainer in Puerto Rico, McQueen was a clothing designer in Europe. Francisco was married and had four children. McQueen was single. Francisco was the poster boy for healthy living, until 2 years ago when he discovered cancer in his tongue. McQueen was a famous designer, and celebrities loved his stuff. Francisco recovered, only to find throat cancer last summer. McQueen was “healthy” by everyone’s standards, his mother died in the first days of February. Francisco died last night as a consequence of the throat cancer. McQueen killed himself last week.

This morning, as I was looking for the story of Francisco’s death, I stumbled on the headlines in the next page. The inquiry into McQueen’s death certified that he had hung himself on the day of his mother’s funeral. Two unrelated deaths that had nothing in common by all external appearances. Really? I see a connection.

Both men were young, full of life. Both men were talented and respected in their fields. Both men were sick. You see, McQueen was having a hard time with his mother’s death the week before. They were very close. It might have been depression. It might have been something else. I don’t believe anyone that is not sick mentally or spiritually, or both, would commit suicide. And that is a great lesson. Why? Because I bet you many people who see that web page with both stories will think “that man was perfectly healthy and did not value his health enough, while poor Francisco would have given anything to be healthy again”. That comes from a lifetime of judging others. I am here to tell you that Alexander McQueen was suffering. Maybe he was healthy otherwise, but his soul and his mind were unhealthy, the pain of loosing a loved one is something many find hard to swallow. We should not judge anyone in life. We should all feel as much compassion for Francisco and his untimely death at 37 as we do for Alexander, dead at 40. They were both beautiful, wonderful human beings, that were sick. I will pray for both of them, so that their souls find peace and their loved ones hope. I hope you do the same.


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