Inspiration – Betsey Johnson

Today I chose a different woman with an all too common challenge. The lady of the day is Betsey Johnson and the challenge is breast cancer.

Betsey Johnson is a fashion designer. If you see any of her biographies, you will find out that she does not think of herself as an innovator. She believes she did not create anything, just embellished what was already there. I like her because she has a sense of humor in an industry that is taking itself too seriously, to the point where it is telling us what to weight and what to look like. Betsey is the one enjoying the ride and having fun.

She already had a career and a business and then her challenge came. It was breast cancer. I remember reading somewhere that she was concerned for the impact on her business and decided to tell only her daughter. She felt good to have that support. I have a great relationship with my daughter and we are each others support, so I can relate to her decision. Fortunately for her, it all worked out. She is in her 60’s, still having fun and still doing her thing.

The message is simple – breast cancer is not the end of the world. You can survive breast cancer and live life to the fullest. I can appreciate all of those that came before and did not make it. We must do whatever we can to prevent any form of cancer. Early detection is crucial for those of us that could not avoid it. Making the best decision for you is also important. Whatever the challenge, know that there are other women out there that have lived through it. Take inspiration from one of them and live your life.

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Betsey Johnson


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