Inspiration – Gloria Estefan

I always find fascinating that people are willing to leave their home countries in search of a better life. Whether it is a political issue, the economy or just the search for a better place, moves millions of people to different countries. This is what intrigues me about Gloria Estefan.

I remember when Miami Sound Machine started. One of the first places where they made a name for themselves was in Puerto Rico. They sang ballads in Spanish. I am not a big fan of slow songs of any kind, I could not deny that the lead singer of this group had a beautiful voice. Then, I heard some of their dance music. Loved it.

Through the years I have seen the Estefan’s go from a small band to an international sensation and now, they are music royalty. Many Hispanic singers will go to them when they want to do the cross over to the American audience. I believe their role in mentoring new talent is more important than their own contributions in music.

Another example of how to approach challenges has to do with an accident. Gloria was in her tour bus when the bus was in an accident. She injured her back and there were fears that she might have mobility issues later. The accident did not stop her. She still performed, singing and dancing her way through the years.

If you look at Gloria Estefan’s story, you will see something that I keep saying over and over in this blog, your circumstances matter nothing. It is what you do about what you want that matters.

courtesy of

Gloria Estefan


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