Inspiration – Frida Kahlo

Sometimes, you do not need to live a long life to have an impact on others. She was only 47 years young when she died. This woman had many physical challenges, which changed the focus of her life, and help her find her true talents. You see, Frida survived polio and when she was a young woman was hit by a bus and the subsequent year in bed fueled her talent. Until then, she was planning to study in the medical field. Talk about an accident changing your life.

I had the opportunity to see Frida’s work before I left Puerto Rico. It was very interesting to see her own interpretation of what she looked like, since she frequently was the subject of her own paintings. The work was colorful and very inspirational on its own, without knowing the background story. Frida spoke her truth through her actions and her paintings. She was very vocal about her point of view, and back then, that was not an easy thing to do.

For all those reasons, I think she is a great inspiration.

If you want to learn more about her, check out Frida Kahlo and more on her biography here

I encourage you to press the comment link and tell me who inspires you.

Frida Kahlo


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