Inspiration – Temple Grandin

Inspiration comes from everywhere, and this one comes from someone who told me about a movie HBO did. This woman has autism and she is a Doctor in Animal Science. I have not seen the movie. As soon as I heard about her, I looked her up on the internet.

They call her the woman that thinks like a cow. Temple Grandin is considered the most accomplished autistic adult in the world. She revolutionized the way farmers dealt with cows in the farm. She has also being able to explain to people how it feels from her experience to have autism. She has opened a door that most people cannot penetrate.

She invented a “hug” machine when she was 18 that she still uses to this day. Most interesting to me is that she understands her challenge makes her who she is. When asked if she could do it over again, would she want to be nonautistic, her answer was no. “Autism is part of who I am”. Sometimes, we have a challenge and we spend the rest of our lives trying to forget it. The person you are today is a combination of everything that has happened to you throughout your life. Embrace all parts of you.

If you want more information, look at Temple Grandin or check out Wikipedia

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