Inspiration – Isabel Allende

The first time I heard about Isabel Allende, my brother had just died. Somebody suggested that I read her book, Paula. Paula was Isabel’s daughter, who was in a comma at the time Ms. Allende wrote this book. I have yet to finish that book. You see, she is so good that I cried every time I started reading it, not only because my brother went into a comma a few days before he died. I also cried because at the time, my daughter was a small child and I could not imagine myself in a hospital going through what Isabel was going through. Then I found another book of hers, Hija de la Fortuna (Daughter of Fortune). It took me two sleepless nights to finish it. It was incredible, edge of your seat, lovely story. I’ve been a fan since.

A few years ago, Isabel Allende published a series of three books for teenagers. My daughter reads a lot, always in English. I bought the first of the three books in Spanish and very soon she had me going through bookstore after bookstore looking for the last two. I read them myself. I always find inspiration in people that can write so that I feel like I am in the middle of it. That is what Isabel Allende inspires me to do. She inspires me to read.

I found this video of Isabel Allende in youtube. You will find that she is also funny and a great story teller in person. Enjoy.

You can find out more about her on her website

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