Inspiration – Annie Oakley

One of the most famous women for her ability to shoot, Annie Oakley is less known for her story of survival. Her mother widowed twice by the time Annie was 14 and the family was very poor. She spent time at a home where she was abused and mistreated. She had to hunt to help her family out.

Still, she became a famous woman and until her death she was able to participate in exhibitions, even after she was over 60. In fact, one of the most outstanding facts is that she was in an accident and a year later she was working it, even with a heavy brace on her leg. She had no intention of letting anything stop her. Unfortunately, her health declined and she died at a young age, around 66.

I did not know that in her later years she was involved in philanthropic activities and helped some young women. I always find it encouraging when people do not let their fame get to their head and they are still working to help others get to where they are or even better. Oakley is a good example of that.

If you want to know more, check out the Wiki or press here for more on her biography. I also want to thank the artist for the portrait we got from Wikipedia.

Thanks to Wikipedia for the image

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