Inspiration – Esmeralda Santiago

Today, I am going for something a little different. I did not look for Esmeralda’s biography because I’ve read almost every book she ever wrote. It is very interesting to read something that reminds me of my life without being my story. Just like Esmeralda, I was born in Puerto Rico. Unlike Esmeralda, I learned English before I moved to the US.

Her story reminded me of things that I only saw from a distance. She was brought up in a place called El Fanguito, which I used to drive by when I was very young. I used to be fascinated with the tree houses I could see from the highway. I read a lot about the places she mentions from her youth. Unfortunately, what seems interesting from one’s perspective is completely different to the ones living it.

Esmeralda was dirt poor, she was rich in so many other ways. She captures that in her books. She went from living in the slums to studying in Massachussets and making a great life for herself.

I leave you with a clip from a movie based in one of her books. Enjoy.

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