Inspiration – Antonia Hernandez

When you are born in Puerto Rico, from an early age you are defined as Hispanic. Then you come to the states and find out that not all Hispanics are the same. Those born in Puerto Rico have an American citizenship from birth. Those from other Hispanic countries make great sacrifices to come to the US and make a better life for their children. It is a complicated relationship that I have no intention of debating here, for their are opinions on every side and this is not the forum for it.

There are many wonderful people working for the Hispanic community. One great example is Antonia Hernandez. She is very well known in California for her efforts to represent the civil rights of the Latino community. Her life is a great example of the sacrifices of a family for the better life of their children. Her parents came to America when she was eight. She was one of six siblings. Her parents put a great emphasis on education. All siblings went to college.

Antonia Hernandez is an inspiration because she came to this country and made something of her life. Just like Ms. Bates, she has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of others. In an era when kids are getting confused into believing that fame and fortune is the only way to make it, women like Antonia Hernandez remind us that hard work and a college education can define your life in a great way.

You can learn more about Antonia Hernandez here

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