Inspiration – Deborah Sampson

The only reason why I picked this lady is because her story reminded me of Mulan. Most people don’t know they have an American version of what they know only as a Disney movie. Deborah Sampson impersonated a man in order to serve in the military. She served for 17 months, was wounded and was honorably discharged from the military.

She tried two times, using her brother’s name on the second attempt and making it as a man. She was tall and educated, and she could pull her own weight. Years later, she had to ask for her back pay which the military had kept because she was a woman. By the way, this was in the 18th century. Do you have any idea the guts it took to do this?

I think this is an example of not letting ANY circumstance get in your way, not even sex. If you want to learn more, check out her biography and her Wiki
I also want to thank them for her portrait.

thanks to Wikipedia

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