Inspiration – Carmen Catalina Cruz

When I started this challenge, there were a lot of obvious possibilities for inspiration: Mother Theresa, Anne Rice, Ella Fitzgerald, and others. Some are famous, some are humble, all inspiring. Then I had some interesting discoveries while compiling the list and found several women that I had never heard off. They were the most interesting to me.

Then came the time to put the icing in the cake, and nobody inspires me more than my mother, Carmen Catalina Cruz. She came from humble beginnings, small town in Puerto Rico. When she was a kid, this other kid said that when he was 21, he would come back and marry her. Ironically, he did. They moved to New York and worked and raised a family. She eventually made the decision to stay home with her growing family. She had four children, the youngest of which is writing this right now.

In the following years, she has traveled the world, raised four wonderful people, help raise her grandchildren and is now enjoying her retirement. She is my inspiration because she always made the best decision for her and her family. You can’t really find her on the internet, there are no pictures or Wikis. What she has is a family that loves her and thinks she is the best….and I have not even started talking about her cooking. It is restaurant quality delicious.

Love you mom.

The one laughing the hardest, that is my mami. Leave your comments below.


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