Inspiration – Daisy Bates

Many people talk about The Little Rock Nine, more than 50 years after those brave high school students made an incredible difference in the Civil Rights fight. Those kids had a mentor, and her name was Daisy Bates.

To me, Daisy Bates is an inspiration on survival. Her mother was raped and murdered by three white males and her father abandoned her. She was raised by friends. Other people under the same circumstances would have done nothing with their life. Worse, many would have used that tragedy to give in to drugs and/or alcohol. Daisy Bates did not let that define her.

When the threats and low ad revenue forced her and her husband to close their newspaper, that did not stop her either. A few years later, she published the story of what happened in Arkansas. She worked for the Democratic party, and once her husband passed away, she even brought back the newspaper for a few years. Death threats and insults were not enough to deter her.

Many people are going to talk about you and what you believe. Some might even call you crazy or stupid for following your dreams. Are you going to let them get the best of you or are you going to use those comments as fuel to keep going?

If you want to learn more about Ms. Bates, check out her biography

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