Ramblings of a woman

I have no reason to write a post today other than to comment on certain things I’ve seen in the last few days.

It might seem a little out of the scope of this blog, and yet, everything that happens is somehow connected to us and merits our compassion, even when we don’t understand it. And so, today I comment on a particular blurb someone sent me. Apparently, a gentleman said something to the effect that the latest earthquakes where our fault for dressing provocatively. It said something about women being provocateurs to men by dressing inappropriately.

The first time I heard it, I was offended and yelled at the TV. I said that was an ignorant comment. Then my girlfriend sent me the quote on an email and I laughed at the logic that would come to that conclusion.

Today, the ladies of the View commented more about it and it came to mind that this man was suggesting what I have known for years: MEN ARE THE WEAKER SEX.

Let’s be honest, in some countries, women are considered less than animals. And yet, we are blamed for everything that happens. It should come as no surprise that this person is blaming us for earthquakes. It is not that simple. He is blaming sex for the earthquakes and he is also blaming weak men for not being able to “escape” our bodies and be strong. So I can come to the conclusion that he is not blaming women at all. He is blaming men for being weak as the reason for the most recent earthquakes.

If you think that my logic is suspect, analyze the premise that originated this train of thought. If I am being a little silly, it is because I find the correlation between sex and natural disasters a little naive. Humans have been treating the planet poorly for decades. Earthquakes and storms are just the planet’s reaction to our treating it like our own personal dumpster. It has nothing to do with sex or relationships. It has everything to do with wars, trash and construction. I would love to hear what you think so be sure to leave your comments below.


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