Black Eye Moody is the perfect gym

I have a dog. His full name is Black Eye Moody. His nickname is Mugsy. He answers to both. We live in an apartment. My dog is my gym.

The thing is, I have carpeting in my apartment. The dog learned early on that if he could not hold it in, he could pee in the kitchen. He’s had maybe five accidents in the nine months we’ve been here. However, if we give him a walk around the apartment complex twice a day, he has no accidents of any kind in the apartment. The circle around the apartment complex is approximately half a mile long.

When I don’t work outside the home, I tend to loose track of time. Since my husband is in Puerto Rico and my daughter finished her semester already, it is even harder. When I work from home, all I do is read and write. Since my dog is a clock, at 7 AM he cries to go out. We wake up, feed him and my daughter walks him right out front. Since we usually have breakfast and then give him the big walk, it gives us some structure. Today, I decided to change things.

I want a little structure in my life. I set the alarm clock for 6 AM, I woke up at 7 AM (I went to sleep at 1 AM, because I figured I had to just do this cold turkey). Then he was fed and walked out front. Different from other days, I actually woke up and made breakfast for both of us. And then we walked him, twice around the block, for one mile. And here comes the reason for me calling my dog the perfect gym. We made pretty good time and every time we started speeding up, nature called him. Now all I have to do is come up with a plan of exercises to do in place while he does his thing and we pick it up and throw it out.

If you live in an apartment complex, you can have a dog. You just have to clean after him, walk him once or twice for a longer period of time and take good care of both of you. He is not only the best reason to go walk, he will add structure to your life, like my Black Eye has done to mine.

Now make sure you let me know what works for you by writing your comments in the section below. Thanks.

This is my dog, Black Eye Moody


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