Vogue leads the way of too skinny for my taste

I decided to recycle all my magazines so I took all the magazines in the house to look at them in search of good images for my wishes board and then send them to recycle. As I looked at the March issue of Vogue, I noticed something that I had never noticed before. All the images displayed ridiculously skinny models. This was true of all the commercials and the editorials. As I was about to point out Roberto Cavalli for having relatively healthy looking models, I noticed that they were very tanned and not the picture of health either. So, what is someone like me to do?

Clearly, the first step in practicing what I preach is not purchasing Vogue Magazine ever again. For years, Ms. Wintour has been force feeding her ideal of health (read skinny) into our subconscious. There are other aspects to consider. What kind of clothes can I purchase? I do not want to keep giving my money to these companies that continue to show size 0 models in their issues. The only company that advertised without a model was Piperlime. Their ad stood out because they showed what they were selling, period. They had images of the clothes and not the people who wear them.

Some times I think the only way I am going to vote with my dollars is to learn to sew and make my own fashions. I am now in a quest, and maybe you can help me out. I intend to promote those companies that show real women in real clothes, living real lives. I agree that being in either extreme is unhealthy. I don’t want to promote fat. I want to promote health, and a size 0 is not healthy. Help me find those who are so confident in their designing abilities that they have no trouble designing for real women.

In the meantime, I guess I will have to stay with the clothes I have until I find companies that are responsible in their approach to fashion. Leave the unhealthy Vogue look behind. A message has to be sent to these companies that blatantly promote this vision of skinny being healthy. Would you help me? Post your comments below and tell me what you think.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Puchy
    May 11, 2010 @ 20:37:50

    That’s why I shop @ Marshalls. They carry designers clothes in every size under the sun! And I am not even close to a 0…

  2. aviddiva
    May 11, 2010 @ 20:43:57

    Yes, I do that and now Ross. The thing is, where do we draw the line? Should we still sponsor those designers that cater to the size 0 in the magazines, or should we boicot them like back in the 80’s when people stopped wearing Reeboks because of the factories in Africa? I don’t know the answer.

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