Answering Tom Terwilliger – Part 1

Thanks to John Allen Mellenhauer, I found this video series from Tom Terwilliger and I decided to answer the questions in front of my audience.

The lesson for today is that you don’t have to know all your mentors, or to seek help from others who do what you do. I am a coach and to me, all my coaches serve the purpose of inspiring me, leading me, guiding me and making me think outside the box.

The first question on the Achievement Process is the what. What is my goal. It is not about being rich, healthy or thin. It is what is the true goal I want to achieve for what is left of 2010. Here it is:

I want to be able to live comfortably off my own income. I want to create a company that caters to women between the ages of 40 and 60. I want to offer those women a full coaching experience where I remind them to take care of themselves first. I want my company to generate $10,000 or more a month so that I can offer several services and be able to pay myself and my assistant a salary. The services I want to provide include personal coaching, training on working through procrastination, a module on developing a style of our own at any size or age and most importantly, to develop a system where we focus on health and not being thin.

Now, I am exposing my goals for the world to see because I believe the more people know what you want and the more places you post your goal, the more reminders you will have and it will keep you honest. I include the video that Mr. Terwilliger posted on youtube. Enjoy.


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