Answering Tom Terwilliger – Part 2

Now we are going to peel the onion. The question for today is the Why. Interesting, because when I started thinking of the answer, I had a lame excuse. By the time I finished the exercise, I believe my reason is powerful.

When first asked why I want to create this company, I want to be my own boss and make good money. Then, I started thinking about all the years and all the sacrifices I have made during the years. I sacrificed for my husband’s military career, to give my daughter a stay at home mom, to please bosses, family and friends. Sometimes I resented society’s implication that once I was a mother, I was supposed to stay home or if I was a wife, I had to give up my own career for that of my husband’s. I felt sadness, my creativity suffered, and in time, I could not find a job or a path that would make me happy.

I then turned 40 and realized that I am not the only middle-aged woman who is overweight, unhappy and unfulfilled and I started wondering why. Once I made the decision to put myself first, everything started falling into place. One thing remained. I do not want more women to go through the sadness, the desperation, the depression, the doctor’s visits, the pain killers, the mood enhancers and everything else just to make the discovery I made. And so, my dream was born.

So I guess when you peel away the onion to find out why I want to do what I want to do, it all comes down to making women feel good in their skin in order to make this a better, more peaceful world. And the only way we can make our big goals a reality is if we take care of the Source first. And the only way to honor Source and fulfill our destiny is to take care of ourselves and be true to our nature.


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